➔ To implement R&D&I projects;

➔ A direct, measurable impact of the university’s performance on Russia’s social and economic development.


  • Technological excellence in the sensorics, telecommunications, robotics, and energy-saving technologies markets.

  • Systemic integration of strong-AI technologies with the goal of transforming key processes in research, production, business, and the social sector.
  • Integration of digital and high-precision technologies for the development of methods for personalized health monitoring and control.


Breakthrough Science
  • Launch of frontier-focused labs aimed at producing breakthrough results for publication in the top 1% of journals by citation rate and presentation at A* level IT conferences (top level in the CORE Conference Ranking).
  • Creation of a unique equipment pool at ITMO University. Easy access to these instruments will make it possible to produce breakthrough results quickly and help attract highly talented researchers from Russia and abroad.
  • Organization of ITMO staff’s involvement in the operation of megascience-class projects.
  • Launch of ITMO partner labs at select Russian universities. The labs’ research teams will share the university's set of values, have access to advanced equipment, and collaborate with top industrial partners.
Unique R&D&I
  • Creation of a quantum «highway» network spanning the entire territory of Russia;
  • Adoption by partners of strong-AI-based digital platforms: Digital Avatar (an environment for the design and development of an ecosystem of digital entities with social reflection and community adaptation), Foresight Configurator (an environment for generative modeling and design of digital objects in real world-systems through reproduction of the creative functions of constructors and design software), and Digital Verifier (an environment for the creation and investigation of proofs using the data of public cyberspace).
  • Silk Road: an autonomous railway monitoring system that utilizes drones, smart sensors, and predictive analytics.
  • KST-3: a solar coronagraph telescope 3 meters in diameter, developed as part of a project supervised by the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics.
PI Training
  • Launch of a PI school and mentorship program.
  • Implementation of the personalized intensive program «Student to Professor». 
  • Introduction of an industrial PhD program.



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